Top 11 Local Ranking Factors 2021

TOP 11 Local Ranking Factors 2020

Prime Local SEO Ranking Factors Before we start I’d like to introduce the 3 major local ranking factors: relevance, proximity, and prominence. All ranking factors can be found anywhere between these 3. RELEVANCE Relevance is undoubtedly the most crucial major local ranking factor that we’re able to control. It describes how well a business listing […]

12 Smart Ways To Improve Local SEO Click-Through Rates

how to increase CTR for local SEO

What Are Local SEO Click-Through Rates A Local SEO click-through rate (CTR) is the rate at which your Google My Business listing is clicked. This number is the percentage of people who view your listing (also known as impression) and then go on to click the listing. This article will reveal the most common reasons […]