10 Best Local SEO WordPress Plugins 2021

Best Local SEO Wordpress Plugins
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10 Best WordPress Plugins For Local SEO

You have created a fantastic WordPress website for your local business. You believe it has everything to attract your target audience: catchy slogans, colorful graphics, robust content, and a killer incentive to stop by.

But are these things enough to drive traffic to your website and ultimately get people in the door?

To attract visitors to your website – and ultimately to your business – you either need to pay to play on Google ads or need to rank higher on search engines. Local SEO could be the magic bullet to make it happen.

Although SEO can often seem mystical and magical, it’s an intricate and ongoing process that can overwhelm the casual marketer or small business owner. Thankfully, WordPress offers a great variety of resources and tools to make it simpler for you to succeed. You’ll soon read about the 10 best local SEO WordPress plugins that will make your life easier and your website a lot more popular, particularly in your area.

The 10 Best Local SEO Plugins for WordPress

Local SEO focuses on optimizing your WordPress website for the local customers to find your business when they search. Using a local SEO plugin for your web page helps promote your physical business in local searches and hopefully above your competitors. Plugins can bridge the knowledge gap most small business owners have regarding SEO, especially if their marketing is DIY. After all, 46% of users go to search engines to find local businesses, and if they don’t see your business, they will find another.

Now, let’s look at the ten best local SEO WordPress plugins.

Btw., all of the listed plugins below are available for free. Most of them have a paid pro version but their free version is mostly good enough to take advantage of the main features. 

1. Widgets for Google Reviews

google my business reviews

Everybody trusts Google, and that’s why Google Reviews play a huge role in your potential customer’s decision-making process. This local SEO plugin allows you to present your Google Reviews easily on your website. Businesses love using this plugin because it is easy to integrate into any WordPress webpage. Moreover, it offers various styles and designs to choose from so that you can pick the one that gels with the theme of your website.

Do you have some negative reviews you’d rather not show off? No worries. This plugin offers a review filtering feature for you to display only the reviews that you want. Some other qualities that have made it quite a popular local SEO plugin include free usage, language support, SEO boost, and much more.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-reviews-plugin-for-google/

Website: https://www.trustindex.io/

2. RankMath SEO

rankmath SEO WordPress Plugin

Any list of best WordPress Local SEO plugins is undoubtedly incomplete without the RankMath SEO plugin. WordPress says that it is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO, and rightly so. It comes with all the features that your website needs to up its SEO game.

It is a powerful plugin with the best qualities of multiple WordPress SEO plugins. So, instead of using different plugins for different purposes, you can use RankMath to conquer it all without making your website slow to load or clunky.

One of the many best things about RankMath is its ability to automatically activate a schema module on your website, which is the easiest way to add Schema to any WordPress website. Schema markup is metadata that provides critical granular details that search engines need to understand websites’s content. 

Adding the schema markup to your website will help search engines understand what your business is all about—the result: a remarkable boost in your traffic. Besides many other valuable features, it also comes with local SEO benefits such as showing star ratings on Google. These fantastic features make your website stand out from your competitors and attract more traffic easily.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/

Website: https://rankmath.com/

3. WP Google Maps

wp google maps local SEO WordPress Plugin

Everybody knows that Google is the go-to destination for most people when searching for local businesses. Adding a Google Map to your site is another excellent way to make your business noticeable in local search results and amplify your local SEO efforts.

This local SEO WordPress plugin can make the process of embedding google maps into your website a lot easier. You can create custom maps to suit your business needs. You can even add multiple locations in the same area. Another great feature is adding storefront images with Google’s Streetview functionality that comes standard with this plugin.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-maps/

Website: https://www.wpgmaps.com/

The Local SEO Strategy Secrets Playbook

THE Local SEO Strategy Secrets Playbook

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4. Post to Google My Business

local seo wordpress plugin post to google my business

Google My Business has been a great way to make your website more visible for quite some time now. It gives you control to decide how your business looks in the search engine. However, keeping an updated Google My Business account can be a time-consuming and frustrating job.

That’s where this particular WordPress plugin can come to your rescue. It lets you automatically publish all your latest posts and content straight to your Google My Business Account. From product updates to events, this plugin works with all types of WordPress posts.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-to-google-my-business/

Website: https://koenreus.com/

5. Widget for Yelp Reviews

Wordpress plugin widget for yelp reviews

Another platform that can help you build customer trust and boost your sales is Yelp. So, what could be better than incorporating Yelp reviews onto your business website?

This plugin lets you show Yelp reviews of your business as a sidebar widget. The best part about this plugin is that it is entirely independent. It stores all the reviews in the WordPress database, so you don’t have to rely on external services or even yelp to display the reviews.

Moreover, it is free, easy to use, boosts local SEO, and offers many other valuable features.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-yelp-reviews/

Website: https://richplugins.com/

6. Social Reviews and Recommendations

local SEO WordPress Plugin reviews and recommendations

We live in a period of social media where influencers can significantly increase any business’s customer base. Most people look for reviews on different social media platforms that help them get a clear picture of the products and services.

This WordPress plugin can help you in that matter by displaying your Facebook page reviews on your website. It shows as a sidebar widget on your web page, exhibiting your Facebook reviews and recommendations. However, you would need the admin rights of the Facebook page for it to show on your website.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fb-reviews-widget/

Website: https://richplugins.com/

7. Callrail Phone Tracking

callrail phone tracking for local SEO on WordPress

Call tracking can be one of the most critical ways to measure the success of your local search strategy. This WordPress SEO plugin gives you a complete track of all your inbound calls and much more.

How often have you looked for a local business and directly called the one whose contact number was available? We have all been there. Many customers call local companies directly instead of first visiting their website. This plugin will let you know about the source of every caller and their web session on your website.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/callrail-phone-call-tracking/

Website: https://www.callrail.com/

8. Call Now Button

Call Now Button Plugin for local Businesses

This is undoubtedly one of the most critical Local SEO WordPress Plugins on Earth. We know it can be genuinely frustrating to spend too long searching through websites to find a phone number. That is why this plugin is a part of our best local SEO plugins.

This plugin allows you to place a ‘Call Now Button’ at the bottom of your web page, as apparent from its name. This click-to-call button enables your mobile visitors to call you with a simple touch of a button. As a result, more customers get in touch with you and help you increase your in-store visits and sales.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/call-now-button/

Website: http://www.callnowbutton.com/

The Local SEO Strategy Secrets Playbook

THE Local SEO Strategy Secrets Playbook

All the important strategies to dominate on Google Maps and local search. Download it now for FREE

9. WP Google Street View

wp google street view plugin for local SEO

From my perspective, this one is one of the most underrated local SEO plugins. Properly used it can increase your visitors’ dwell time and decrease bounce rates on your website. As engagement is one of the biggest ranking factors on local search you should give this one a try. We are all visual beings. For us, the ability to visualize something automatically adds to its value. That is why this is a handy plugin to help you boost your incoming traffic significantly.

With the Google Street View plugin, you can integrate your business’s custom Google Street view into your website. You can embed the view with a 360-degree virtual tour as well. This plugin also synchronizes Google Maps for seamless integration.

In short, the Google Street View plugin makes your business more accessible and visible, helping you attract more customers.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-street-view/

Website: https://better-robots.com/

10. Five Star Business Profile and Schema

five star business profile and schema local SEO plugin

Another great plugin that can improve your local SEO strategy is the Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin for WordPress. This plugin features a wide variety of support options and updates and can easily enhance your search engine results by adding schema to your web pages.

Five Star Business Profile & Schema creates and adds a contact card with all your business details to any page of your website and includes a database of every organization-based schema. As a result, you can create a new schema element and designate a certain structured data type to the page, a single post, a whole post type, or even to your entire website.

All these features help search engines discover and display all your contact information to your potential customers.

WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/business-profile/

Website: https://www.fivestarplugins.com/


Local Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, can seem like a tedious and challenging task. And when you further streamline it with local SEO, it may seem virtually impossible. Thankfully, these tools can put simplified SEO into your hands with the right tools.

We have covered the Top 10 local SEO WordPress plugins, each of which boosts the rankings of your WordPress website using different SEO strategies. Make sure that you use the ones that help you achieve your goals, combine them with the best local SEO practices, and like magic, your website will be right where you want it to be.

If you want to master Local SEO & Google My Business, download my Local SEO Strategy Secrets Playbook for Free


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Download the local seo strategy secrets playbook

Learn the critical strategies to dominate on Google Maps and local search. Download it now for FREE


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