TOP 24 Auto Repair Shop Google My Business Categories

Auto Repair Shop Google My Business Categories
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GMB Categories for Auto Repair Shops

Since there are many auto repair-related sub-niches Auto Repair Shop GMB categories aren’t easy to find. This post will cover the most important auto repair Google My Business categories and explains every single one of them. 

Google My Business Categories

Google My Business categories is a very impactful local ranking factor. Choosing the best GMB categories can determine whether your search marketing is a success or not. You can choose one primary category and up to 9 additional categories. Google evaluates rankings based on the distance to the searcher, relevance, and prominence. GMB categories belong to the relevance spectrum.  The better you describe what our business does the bigger the impact on local search rankings. 

Why Do GMB Categories for Auto Repair Shops Matter?

Auto repair shops differ slightly when it comes to optimizing categories on Google My Business. This is because many industries cover at most 2 main topics. In the auto repair industry, however, there are numerous sub-services a business could provide. The following category list includes the main categories that an auto repair shop could choose from. 

Auto Repair Shop GMBs Categories

Auto Repair Shop GMB Categories


Auto Repair Shop

This is probably the most famous Auto Repair related Google My Business category. If you run a general auto repair shop and want to be known as such then this category should be used as your primary category. 

# 2


The “Mechanic” and the “Auto Repair Shop” category are used almost synonymously. Be sure to do a quick research on what your high-ranking competitors usually use. If they prefer auto repair shop as their primary category add mechanic as an additional category. 

# 3

Truck Repair Shop

Many auto repair shops work on pick-up trucks, flatbed trucks, and other slightly bigger vehicles. Truck repair shop is the category you want to select if you’re working on vehicles like that.

# 4

Car Repair & Maintenance

Car Repair & Maintenance is another very popular category among auto repair shops. It is mostly used as a secondary category. However, this can vary depending on where your business is located. 

# 5

Oil Change Service

Almost every auto repair shop provides oil-change service. This is most likely one of your top GMB categories. 

# 6

Tire Repair Shop

“Tire Repair Shop” is one of the newest categories. Businesses that focused on tire repair rather than selling tires in the past had to use the “Tire Shop” category, too. Those businesses can now switch to “Tire Repair Shop”.

# 7

Brake Shop

This is a classic auto repair shop Google My Business category. You should definitely consider adding “Brake Shop” to your list of categories. 

# 8

Car Inspection Station

Most states or countries require regular car inspections. If your shop is one of them, this category is a must. 

# 9

Auto Air Conditioning Service

Many repair shops offer AC service for vehicles. This is a very specific category that is only relevant for people who actively search for such a service. 

# 10

Wheel Alignment Service

Many repair shops offer AC service for vehicles. This is a very specific category that is only relevant for people who actively search for such a service. 

# 11

Auto Machine Shop

Auto Machine Shop is a very specific GMB category that you probably should use if you’re primarily working on car engines. 

# 12

Diesel Engine Repair Service

Since there is no general “Diesel Repair Service” category the Diesel Engine Repair Service category should be used if you’re working on all sorts of diesel vehicles. 

# 13

Vehicle Inspection

The vehicle Inspection category is very similar to the before-mentioned “Car Repair Service” category. However, you should use this one if you’re a certified inspection station for all sorts of other vehicles. 

# 14

Auto Glass Shop

Many auto repair shops don’t provide this service themselves. You can still use the Auto Glass Shop category if you’re outsourcing this service to contractors.

# 15

Auto Spring Shop

If your auto repair shop provides leaf spring repair and general suspension services this is the category you should choose. 

# 16

Auto Restoration Service

Auto Restoration Service is another particular category that many auto repair shop businesses shouldn’t use. Only add this category if your business is really into auto restoration. 

car repair shop Google My Business categories

# 17

Auto Body Shop

If your shop repairs everything from small dents and scratches to heavy collision repair you should definitely add Auto Body Shop as a category to Google My Business. 

# 18

RV Repair Shop

Your business repairs buses, vans, motor homes? RV Repair Shop is a must category on your GMB dashboard. 

# 19

Trailer Repair Service

The Trailer Repair Service GMB category is a must if your business repairs trailers like dry vans, flatbeds, refrigerated trailers and storage trailers. 

# 20

Tractor Repair Service

Not every car repair shop provides repairs on tractors. If that’s your business, add this category. 

# 21

Small Engine Repair Shop

The Small Engine Repair Shop category should be used if your shop also takes care of lawnmower or chainsaw engines and the like.  

# 22

Transmission Shop

If your shop provides transmission replacements, repairs, or just preventative maintenance the Transmission Shop category is your best choice.

# 23

Engine Rebuilding Service

The Engine Rebuilding Service category should be used if your company provides rebuilding of long and short block engines, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and similar.

# 24

Crane Service

Repair shops that also take care of boom or bucket trucks and cranes can use this category. Be sure to also use Truck Repair as a complementary GMB category. 

Final words

Relevance is King

Choosing the best Google My Business categories for an auto repair shop can be quite challenging as there are just so many that one could use. If you’re not sure whether you should add specific categories have a look at your organic rankings and select those categories that you already rank for with your service pages. Be sure to follow Google My Business guidelines on how to select categories appropriately.  Google searches for indications about specific categories across the web but especially on your website to determine (local) rankings. 

Make sure to provide enough information about your preferred Google My Business categories. The better you describe your services the more relevant your business gets. Relevance is king. 


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