Top 11 Local Ranking Factors 2021

TOP 11 Local Ranking Factors 2020

Prime Local SEO Ranking Factors Before we start I’d like to introduce the 3 major local ranking factors: relevance, proximity, and prominence. All ranking factors can be found anywhere between these 3. RELEVANCE Relevance is undoubtedly the most crucial major local ranking factor that we’re able to control. It describes how well a business listing […]

TOP 24 Auto Repair Shop Google My Business Categories

Auto Repair Shop Google My Business Categories

GMB Categories for Auto Repair Shops Since there are many auto repair-related sub-niches Auto Repair Shop GMB categories aren’t easy to find. This post will cover the most important auto repair Google My Business categories and explains every single one of them.  Google My Business Categories Google My Business categories is a very impactful local […]

How to Build Backlinks With Google My Business

How to build backlinks With Google My Business

The easiest Local SEO Strategy to get new backlinks Backlinks are considered one of the most influential local SEO ranking factors. Quality and diversity play a significant role when it comes to external links. The easiest way to get new backlinks to your local business website (other than creating citations) is definitely through GMB itself. […]

50 Smart Google My Business Post Ideas

50 Smart Google My Business Post Ideas

Create a Content Factory for GMB You’ve probably already noticed that posting on Google My Business can attract new customers and even helps rank in local search. The majority of small businesses doesn’t know what to post other than crafting boring sales pitches. Great Google My Business post ideas are rare and you can just […]

How to Find the Best Google My Business Categories [Complete Guide]

how to find the best google my business categories

Google uses categories to organize businesses. You’re allowed one primary category and nine secondary categories. This will determine how users find your business when they use specific keywords, so it’s essential to choose wisely. Categories are a massive part of your local SEO strategy because they determine what terms you’ll come up for during a user’s search.

How to Get Star Ratings to Google Search Results in 2021

How to get review star ratings on Google search results

How can we take advantage of rich snippets in Google search results to increase click-through rates In September 2019 Google announced that reviews that may be perceived as “self-serving” are not in the best interests of users.  Google refers to reviews as “self-serving” when a review on entity A is placed on entity A’s website […]

A Complete Guide to Local Content Optimization

The complete guide to local content optimization

How to make a local business website most appealing to visitors What do you do when you have a craving for some particular type of pastry? Unless you’re made of money and can source pastries from France, chances are that you’re going to search for a local restaurant or bakery close by that makes what […]

The Truth About Geotagging Images on Google My Business

geotagging images on Google My Business

What is geotagging? Geo-tagging basically refers to adding geographical information to media in general and images on the web in particular. This usually happens by assigning geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) and geo-related keywords to images’ metadata.  The goal of geo-tagging is to make a photo more relevant for a geographical-related search. This can be either […]

12 Smart Ways To Improve Local SEO Click-Through Rates

how to increase CTR for local SEO

What Are Local SEO Click-Through Rates A Local SEO click-through rate (CTR) is the rate at which your Google My Business listing is clicked. This number is the percentage of people who view your listing (also known as impression) and then go on to click the listing. This article will reveal the most common reasons […]

Google My Business Posts Best Practices

Google My Business Posts Best Practices

Google My Business posts best practices for action takers only! If you’re a busy business owner, you might not know what makes an excellent social media post. In short, the best posts keep things simple yet entertaining and engaging. Today, posting and blogging to Google My Business has become its own social media platform. If you […]